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Hire the best fit employee among the silver medallists, hand-picked by peer hiring managers in your industry!

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Candidates invited to the final interview, but not given an offer are still highly qualified and a good match for neighboring companies. Likewise, other companies' silver medalists can be the best fit for your team. Acquire those top talent in SilverList before anyone else!

Corporate job openings attract

250 resumes

Silver Medalists
Out of these candidates

3 ~ 4
go to the final interview


gets a job offer

Your Benefits

Hiring Top Talent with Rocket Speed

No CV screening, no pre-interviews! Get notified with top candidates available in the market right now!

Fellow-Assured Qualification

Meet candidates hand-picked by other in-house hiring managers of leading companies.

Opportunity instead of Rejection

Offer another chance to qualified candidates and reduce their frustration.

Only 10 days until top candidates are gone from the market. Attract them before it's too late!

Statistically, it takes 60~90 days to hire ONE new employee. SilverList fast forwards your entire hiring process by offering highly qualified candidates available right now in the market.

How it works

It's simple! Share & Take!

1. Your silver medalist is introduced to us.

Simply get the candidate's consent and let us know with one click.

2. We match you with new, great candidates.

As soon as your silver medalist is approved by SilverList, we match new candidates for you.

3. Meet highly qualifed candidates.

Let them take a personality test or the final interview, and hire the best.

4. Need to fill out the next position?

Simply take a look at your SilverList account. The next top candidates are ready to meet you.

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