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Cojective.io is a unique recruiting platform providing hiring managers with ace talents readily available. Our talents' competencies already have been proven by professional hiring managers just like you.

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No CV screenings, no pre-interviews neccessary. Fast-forward your recruiting process in 7 days!

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No more shallow interviews! Quickly jump into deeper conversations with quality-proven candidates.

Show how your company cares about candidates

The talent was great, but not your final pick? Offer another chance instead of rejection.

Only 10 days until top candidates are gone from the market. Attract them before it's too late!

In average, it takes 60~90 days to hire one new employee. Cojective.io fast-forwards your entire recruiting process by offering highly qualified candidates readily available.

How it works

Meet new and great candidates by sharing talents that were considered, but not matched with your company due to various reasons, e.g. chemistry unfit, differing salary expectation, altered position requirements, outstanding 2nd runners etc.).

1. Your 'not-matched' talent is shared in Cojective.io.

Get the candidate's consent by e-mail and let us know in one click.

2. We match you with new talent based on our assessment.

As soon as your candidate is approved, we match you with new candidates.

3. Meet highly qualifed talent.

Allocate more time for in-depth interviews with top-notch candidates.

4. Need to fill out next positions?

Simply take a look at your membership account. The next talents are ready to meet you.

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